Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Taking Science Seriously - Scientific versus alternative medicine

Podcast 001.  This is our first podcast. It is mainly my rant against homeopathy, but it has bits about witchcraft and the anti-vaccination movement also.

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Footnote:  The Wikipedia entry for "Witch-hunt" used to list Mary and Elizabeth Hick[e]s as the last to be executed, at Huntingdon in 1716.  But the evidence for this comes only from a pamphlet of doubtful reliability and is not backed up by court records.  Apparently there is some evidence that an Alice Molland was hanged at Exeter in 1684 for witchcraft.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bristol's new philosophy blog

Hello! This is the first post to the new blog we've set up to let people know what is going on in philosophy at Bristol.  I am particularly keen for those who are not professional philosophers to take an interest, for example if you just read philosophy for interest or are studying philosophy at school.  In particular I hope to be hosting a podcast here.  My next job is to see how that can be done . . .